Written by Nushabah Zakir Updated 3 years ago
  1. Have your child squeeze, pinch, and roll play doh, putty or clay to increase grip and pinch strength. You can make it more fun by creating animals and or superheroes’!
  2. Climbing using ropes, ladders, trees, and jungle gyms will help your child increase their functional grip strength.
  3. Create crafts projects with your child using hole punchers and staplers. You can make it more fun by having your child create a Christmas tree, or flowers using the circles they punched out with the hole puncher!
  4. Fill balloons with dry rice or flour and tie them shut. Then have your child squeeze and squish the balloons in their hands to build hand strength. You can make it more fun by drawing details on the balloons to make it look like a fish, a bumblebee or a snake!
  5. Have your child draw or write on small pieces of paper. Then have your child crumble each small piece of paper and shoot a basket in the recycling bin!


Nushabah Zakir M.Sc.
Occupational Therapist

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